Hug a Business... From a Distance!

Support small businesses in Hyde Park! Browse our directory of the best local shops, services and restaurants Uptown London has to offer.  This online portal is your one-stop to access Hyde Park businesses’ websites, online shopping carts, their contact details. You can also purchase gift cards! 

The Hyde Park BIA encourages you to support businesses through our  Gift Card Program. 

Gift card purchases $50 and up will receive an additional
 25 Hyde Park Dollars! 

Why we need to support local

During this time of uncertainty your favourite local businesses may be experiencing difficulties.  Some are adapting by changing their hours, or by offering curb side pickup or delivery.  It’s inspiring to see all of them come together to continue to support us when things may be just as uncertain for them as it is for us and our families.

Many of these businesses have been there for you over the years.  Supporting local activities, events and offering products and services that we’ve all come to rely on.  Sometimes working long and difficult hours to ensure that we get what we need.

Now is the time when they need your support.  Buying a gift card might just help one of these businesses you love through what is a difficult time for all of us.

By purchasing a gift card you are helping them to cover expenses, retain employees, and showing them that there is business to return to when things are back to normal.

These gift cards can be used  after purchased or kept until after this crisis is over.  The money generated by these gift cards will go directly to the businesses to help them immediately.

Making the Connection

Just because we’re staying away from each other doesn’t mean we aren’t coming together as a community.

To see what the Hyde Park BIA is doing for the Northwest London  community,
visit our website!