You will receive an email that will include your gift card. The paper or online order number will act as your gift card redeemable at the business. They will track your gift card information at their place of business. Please allow 2-3 business days for the gift card to process.

They can be used in businesses that are participating in the Hyde Park Dollars program. For more information, and to see a list of participating businesses click here.

We are mailing the $10 in Hyde Park Dollars directly to purchasers. There may be delays due to current Canada Post issues. The Hyde Park Dollars promotion is limited to one per purchase.  Customers will receive $10 for every $50 up to the first $500 spent toward the purchase. We reserve the right to refuse honouring or ending the Hyde Park Dollars promotion at any time. The Hyde Park BIA is not responsible for any lost or stolen Hyde Park Dollars. 

100% of your gift card purchase goes directly to the business. The Hyde Park BIA administers the funds then sends it directly to the business after you have purchased a gift card. The business will track the gift card information onsite for you. We are not responsible if a business closes before you are able to fulfill your gift card purchase.

You cannot use your gift card on an e-commerce site unless stated otherwise by the business. Gift cards are intended to be used at the place of business, whether you redeem now or after restrictions have eased.